Jeff Santo


Jeff Santo has over 25 years of independent filmmaking experience in all aspects of the business and is a member of the WGA and DGA. He is also a published author of Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story. Most notably, Jeff directed, produced, and wrote the critically acclaimed documentary about his father, This Old Cub, ranking #4 on Indiewire per- screen gross and selling over 75,000 DVDs independently. He duplicated that distribution model for the indie cult-classic Dead In 5 Heartbeats selling over 40,000 DVDs and movie merchandise.

Christie Santo


Christie Santo is a published author of Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story. After achieving her B.A. in creative writing from California State University Long Beach, she also published short stories and poetry and has freelanced as a ghostwriter for novels. As the president of Santo Films, she has over a decade of independent filmmaking and distribution experience. As an Editor, she's done one feature film, three documentaries, two music videos, an audiobook, and a comedy special for Netflix.

Santo Films LLC


Santo Films is a multi-media distributor and production company producing independent films, music videos, books, and related merchandise. Duplicating Jeff's distribution model from This Old Cub, Santo Films has sold over 40,000 DVDs and related merchandise on its website and through the over 14,000 subscriber email list.